* 03 - PREMIUM

    - All on the PLUS Service

    - Premium miami shine wax with orbital machine for better results.

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* 1 - EXPRESS  WASH     

- The Exterior steps of the Detail:
- Our Full Service Car Wash to begin
-    Claying the major grime on the paint
-    Complete Buffing and Waxing
-    A Hand wax to bring paint back to

        the original showroom shine
- Door Jams and trunk jam
- Wheels / Rims and Tire Shine
- Wheel Wells and all Rubber or Plastic

- The Interior steps of the Detail:

- Interior vacuuming
- Air Compressor throughout entire inside
- Carpet  Cleaning .
- Leather Conditioning

- Upholstery shampoo and cleaning.

- Dashboard and Console, cleaning, protection.  

- Window cleaning (Interior / Exterior)

- Odor Removal Process

- Showroom Results (Depends on cond.)



Top Hat Car Wash has a wonderful detail team.  The telephone number to call when scheduling an Auto Detail is 203-778-4622..  A complete auto detail for an average sedan or sports car is only $99.99.  We like to examine the vehicle first for condition and size, but that is the usual price.  We offer the following detailing services.

The Full-Service Wash is both an Interior and Exterior Wash.  For only $19 the customer gets everything the deluxe wash selection offers, plus Tire dressing, interior vacuuming, window cleaning, dashboard, door jams, console cleaning.

 Express Wash $7.00  It is designed for a quick cleaning.  This Wash includes a pre-soak, soap and a rinse cycle, machine dry.


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The Works  Wash  $15.00 

Includes; custom built undercarriage, pre-soak, soap, triple-foam polish and conditioner, rinse cycle, clearcoat protectant, machine dry and a hand towel dry.




Deluxe Wash $13.00 our most popular exterior only wash includes; custom built undercarriage, pre-soak, soap, rinse cycle, clearcoat protectant,  machine dry and a hand towel dry.




Express Plus Wash $10.00 it is designed also for a quick cleaning. This wash 

includes a pre-soak, soap, rinse cycle, clearcoat  protectant,  machine dry and hand towel dry.


​​* 02 - PLUS

    - All on the BASIC Service

    - Painting Contamination Removal

We offer a thorough and an excellent 

car wash.

We work everyday to do it right.

But, don’t just take our word for it--our

customers give us rave reviews!

Whether it’s our quick, quality, friendly

service or the value that we bring to every

service provided.

We strive to make each and every

customer return because of our dedicated

and quality service.

We're known for:

  • Timely, quality car washes
  • Friendly service
  • Long and convenient hours
  • Excellent pricing.
  • (203)948-2899 QUESTIONS???

* 01 - BASIC

    - Air compressor Entire Interior

   - Interior Vacuuming

   - Windows Cleaning

   - Door Jams Cleaning

   - Dashboard and Doors Panels Cleaning

   - Vinyl Dressing Dashboard and Doors

   - Rubber mats washed

   - Tire Dressing

​   - Spray Wax.